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Connect with our members

GaiaConnection has the unique ability to connect members through dating profiles as well as through Community Groups. This blends the benefits of online dating with the old-fashioned approach of meeting within a community.

You will get holistic insight into members' interests and activities as you follow them over to the GaiaCommunity portal to learn about their groups and posts.

Have fun and individualize your page with wallpaper, colors, patterns, and photos.  


GaiaGathering is a social networking and dating platform for our consciously connected community.

GaiaGathering is our community. It is our platform for sharing ideas, supporting entities, and coordinating events surrounding mindful living and respect for the planet. We care about the air we breathe, the health of our oceans, and what we do with our waste. We are proactive innovators who use our heads and follow our hearts.

GaiaGathering has two entry portals. The GaiaConnection portal is for dating and friendships, and the GaiaCommunity portal is for events and exchanging ideas. Both aspects of the website work in tandem to bring the community organically back to dating and to bring passion and love back to the community. Members may flow between the two portals to receive the most out of GaiaGathering, or choose to populate one side only. GaiaGathering connects us on every level, through our hearts, souls, minds, and consciousness—comprehensively on one site.

GaiaGathering is shining love back into the community.

Join our conscious global community

Create your Group on GaiaGathering to network, socialize, and collaborate to honor Gaia (Mother Earth) and all of her inhabitants.

When you complete your profile you will create one or more Groups and invite followers. Groups are mini-networking entities to organize events, share information, and engage and inform our community. You can join other Groups through our search-and-match function, and GaiaCommunity can suggest Groups for you to join based on your interests.

Connecting us to change the world

Bringing love back to the community,
and bringing the community back to finding love.




in community we find love 

Gaia Certification Badge

The Gaia Certification Badge firmly establishes entities as supporters of Gaia. Communities, entities, and businesses with Gaia Certification are identified as responsible members of a global movement to protect Mother Earth. The badge can be used on websites, advertisements, recruiting, business development, and as a tool for raising consciousness for Gaia.

Entities eligible for the Gaia Certification Badge must meet criteria to show they do not generate pollution and contribute to a healthier planet.